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Make fitness a part of your life by planning time throughout your week. Here’s a few exercises you can do throughout the day. Work at a desk? No problem! Some of these you can do while sitting:

Muscle Flexing – Do this 3-4 times during the day. Flex your muscles from head to toe for 15-30 seconds. Squeeze your thighs and hold for 15-30 seconds, then squeeze your butt muscles and hold for 15-30 seconds. You can add in your arms and abs as well.

Carry a basket at the supermarket – You can engage your muscles more by carrying a basket, rather than pushing the cart. Stand up straight while walking and carrying for a great ab and back workout.

Park at a distance from the door and SPEED WALK – Park in the last spot of the lot and walk as fast as you can to the front. Get in the habit of speed walking anywhere you go where you’re walking around for long periods at a time. You can do it in intervals by speeding up for 1 minute and slowing down for 20, then repeat.

These are tips you’re able to incorporate in your everyday life. It’s nothing you need to plan out or go anywhere extra throughout the week. Be creative and think of different ways you can add these tips to your routine. Good luck and have Fun!



Eat a low glycemic diet. A low glycemic diet is food that keeps you fuller for longer, assists with your body to help you release the excess fat, AND helps you maintain your energy level for the entire day.

Carbs cause fluctuation in blood sugar levels. We don’t want that! That’s why we want to avoid foods with a lot of white sugar that make your blood sugar levels get out of control. They cause you to gain fat, decrease your energy level, and lead to all that overeating we’re always trying to control with the wrong foods. Crazy blood sugar levels spike and then all your body wants to do is bring them back down to normal level. That inconsistency causes you to get even MORE hungry and crave even MORE of the bad foods.

Curious what foods are low/high glycemic?

Well, lucky you! There are tons of websites out there with information on specific foods and their glycemic indexes. We’re going to give you the BEST one!

Check this out:


Your meals should contain certain nutritional aspects. Here they are:

1. Sustained Energy – Low-glycemic source of carbs
2. No more Hangry – Healthy source of fat
3. Tone Up – Lose Fat & Gain Muscle – Protein
4. Better Digestion & Higher Metabolism – Fresh fruit & veggies

Need an example? It’s your lucky day:

BREAKFAST – Whole wheat toast with 2 eggs, green apple, or other low sugar fruit like berries
LUNCH – Whole wheat bread with tuna, spinach, and tomato
SNACK – Smoothie with 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 banana, and reduced-fat milk, or yogurt
DINNER – Pan-fried filet of salmon with lightly-baked asparagus, and sweet potato

This entire day includes everything you need to get started. Healthy hardy carbs, good fat, belly filling protein, and low sugar fresh fruit. You can mix and match and make your own plan to get to your goals. Just make sure you’re planning with low-glycemic healthier carbs for energy.

Are you constantly on the go and need to find out in a hurry which foods are low-glycemic? Just use your smart phone and google “glycemic index of (?food?).” You’ll get your answer on the fly and at your convenience.



KEEP IT SIMPLE! We know you’re thinking you need lots of fancy equipment and so many varieties of exercise. You don’t. Those things do help, but to get started, make it simple. All you need is your body for these exercises.

Run 15-30 minutes a day. Whatever you can handle, and eventually you’ll work up to more time. Start doing as many pushups as you can 2 times a day. Speed walk around the block 5 times and do it 3 times per week. You can even work yourself up to a jog.

Getting started is what’s most important. Eventually you’ll work yourself up to a bigger workout where you’ll be doing more exercises and working out longer, if you want to. If you start with the speed walk around the block 2-3 times per week, eventually you can add jumping jacks to the beginning and end of the walk. Soon you’ll be jogging and when you’re ready, add 5 pushups with the walk/jog and jumping jacks. Before you know it, you’ll have a great full body workout that burns calories and builds strength.



Does music and certain songs get your energy pumping? Will music help you get your body moving?

Make a good playlist! It is crucial for a good workout and gives you something to think about besides the workout. It will also help the workout go a little faster.




If music doesn’t do it for you and get you energized, another way to distract yourself is download an audible book. You can listen to the story and get completely sucked in while running around the block. Time will fly by and you can get through some great books quickly while burning more calories.

You can get books from paid sites where you just pay a small monthly fee and the quality is good or you can go to https://librivox.org/ to get FREE books. The quality may not be as good for the FREE ones, but hey, they’re FREE.

You can also download tv shows and movies to keep you entertained and distracted during the workout.

Using these tips, your workouts will FLY BY!

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