5 Self-Defense Undercover Tips




When in a situation, the most important part is getting out SAFE. Shock your attacker by “going for the goods.” Get ‘em in the groin! Nothing will shock your attacker, man or woman, like a shot to the groin.

Once you get that shot out, find safety! Run to the nearest crowded area and get help immediately. Your attacker wants you to stay alone. Kick them, get to where the people are, and get help.



Places like the mall or supermarket will usually have a security team. If you’re out and about and it’s dark in a HUGE parking lot and you feel like you need an escort, just ask the security team to walk you to your car safely. Maybe you’ll even get a ride in the golf cart!




If somebody grabs your hair, don’t pull away. It’ll just make the pull tighter and hurt worse.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Put your hand on top of the attacker’s hand
2. Push the hand down HARD into your head
3. If they release, RUN
4. If they don’t release, turn, kick them in the groin, and RUN




The eyes! It doesn’t take much contact to really shock someone by stabbing them in the eye. The eyes are one of the most vulnerable part of our body. This will shock and temporarily blind them so you can escape and get to safety.



If your attacker grabs you from behind!

Fall completely to the ground and pretend you’re a corpse. Let your body weight fall and be lack so you’re heavier to move around. Your attacker won’t be able to move you quickly this way and it will give you time to scream for help, hit them in the groin, or poke them in the eyes.

Most importantly, let your legs collapse under you. This will make it harder to carry you away, as it puts pressure on their hands. Once you add that pressure, use your arms to break the hold and RUN!


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