5 More Tips to Help Make Your

Child’s Birthday a Party to Remember!



1. Allergies & other food restrictions

In the invitation be sure to ask for food restrictions. These days people have so many restrictions and it’s never a good thing to guess. Prepare yourself in advance to see if you have make any other food accommodations. Ask on the invitation and if you need to, ask again on the reminder calls.


2. “Most Wanted Gifts” & Get What they Want

Make a list online of the gifts you want and put the URL link on the invitation. This way, you don’t have to waste time returning things you don’t want or need. It’ll save time for you and make sure your child gets something they LOVE.


3. Facebook Event

There are over 1 billion Facebook users. So, the likelihood of your guests being on Facebook is pretty high. Create a group just for your party! It’ll help you keep track of who is coming and
who isn’t. You’ll be able to communicate in the same space with your guests. You can get them
excited by posting pictures and get even MORE people to show. It’ll be fun!


4. You must have an end time

Don’t let them linger after the party when it’s time to clean up and get moving along with the rest of your day. Parties can be fun and super exhausting so make sure your plan accordingly by giving them a definite end time.


5. Relax!

You’re all going to have a great time! Your child will have a blast and he/she will LOVE you
forever for throwing them such an organized planned party where all their friends showed up to
LOVE on them and have a great time! Their friends will talk about it for weeks!

We know it can be stressful and time consuming to throw your child a party. We’re here to make it exactly what want. If you need more help and tips, let us know! Remember, it’s going to be awesome and you’re doing a GREAT THING for your child they will remember for years to come.

Have fun!

From Your Friendly Martial Arts School!

Here’s What parents like you

are saying about our parties

“I bought the intro package for my daughter’s birthday because she has often said, “I want to be a ninja”. We started in June and decided to stay with it because she liked it enough to be dedicated to the discipline and proper behavior required to advance through the various levels. The staff is excellent. I love that they are both firm and supportive with all the kids, celebrating progress. It sets a great example for both the kids and the parents.”

Stephanie R.

“My son has been taking karate classes at MMAC for close to a year. It has been a great motivator for him as well as a good way to learn discipline in a fun environment. The staff is motivating, encouraging and fun. We have also taken advantage of birthday parties, parent’s night out and the tournaments they offer which have all been a great experience. I would recommend Murray’s highly.”

Erika D.

“We found MMAC 5 years ago, by chance. My middle child attended a birthday party and decided to use the “free week” coupon in the goody bag and after the week was up asked to be signed up for trial month. That month became a year. 5 years later that kids is the proud wearer of a brown belt and best friends that are all class mates at MMAC. This is a kid that struggled to find “their thing” having done one session of every other sport known to man (except hockey, as I often get reminded) who has blossomed under the instructors as Murray’s. It is our home away from home!

I am very thankful for that birthday party invitation. MMAC has made a huge impact on my kids and our family. I have and will continue to recommend them.”

Patti T.



*When you call, we’ll answer any questions you have, and get you and your child all signed up for their big birthday party!

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Murray’s Martial Arts Centers

• 4410 Dewey Ave, Greece, NY 14616

• (585) 663-0040

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