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Everybody knows kickboxers are in the best shape and that’s because they use a combination of strength training and conditioning. Below you’ll have access to links with how-to videos showing you exactly how these different kickboxing techniques combined with real-life nutritional guidance can keep you burning fat 24/7!

Class environments are proven to be the best training to get you in the best shape of your life. You can’t beat an exciting community of experienced coaches and dedicated members to ensure you get the best experience ever. Stop by and get your risk-free trial now!

Ladies, don’t be afraid of “bulking up.” For a woman to get “bulky” it requires a VERY specific diet & hours upon hours of training for that happen. Honestly, it’s literally impossible for most women without taking certain supplements. So, don’t worry about that!

So, here’s the info you’re waiting for:


1. UNDERCOVER TIP #1 – Circuit Training & Conditioning

Need a workout you can get done quickly without too much planning? The 3 exercises in the link below is what we call a “mini circuit training.” Check out the link below to ensure fat burning, muscle building results. With consistency and dedication, you’ll get the results you’re looking for.


UNDERCOVER TIP #2 – Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition.

Kickboxers combine the powerful workout with a few key nutrition goals to be at the top. Here’s why:

Energy – They have to be able to last during the rigorous training without feeling too worn down.

Weight Management – The diet must accommodate lean muscle without gaining any fat so they can stay ripped and toned.

Health – The right foods help kickboxers work at the top level so they can always be prepared and be 100% .

No Hangry! – They burn tons of calories training this way and they can’t constantly be worrying about calories and their next meal. So staying full with every meal needs to last longer to sustain their performance.

Do you hate counting calories? That’s okay! You don’t have to. This nutritional plan is going to give you everything you need so you can ensure you’re getting all the nutrition needed to get in the best shape of your life.

Eat a low-glycemic diet –

A low glycemic diet is food that keeps you fuller for longer, assists with your body to help you release the excess fat, AND helps you maintain your energy level for the entire day. Carbs cause fluctuation in blood sugar levels. We don’t want that! That’s why we want to avoid foods with a lot of white sugar that make your blood sugar levels get out of control. They cause you to gain fat, decrease your energy level, and lead to all that overeating we’re always trying to control with the wrong foods. Crazy blood sugar levels spike and then all your body wants to do is bring them back down to normal level. That inconsistency causes you to get even MORE hungry and crave even MORE of the bad foods.

Curious what foods are low/high glycemic?

Well, lucky you! There are tons of websites out there with information on specific foods and their glycemic indexes. We’re going to give you the BEST one! Check this out: www.glycemicindex.com

Your meals should contain certain nutritional aspects. Here they are:

1. Sustained Energy – Low-glycemic source of carbs
2. No more Hangry – Healthy source of fat
3. Tone Up – Lose Fat & Gain Muscle – Protein
4. Better Digestion & Higher Metabolism – Fresh fruit & veggies

Need an example? It’s your lucky day:

BREAKFAST – Whole wheat toast with 2 eggs, green apple, or other low sugar fruit like berries
LUNCH – Whole wheat bread with tuna, spinach, and tomato
SNACK – Smoothie with 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 banana, and reduced-fat milk, or yogurt
DINNER – Pan-fried filet of salmon with lightly-baked asparagus, and sweet potato

This entire day includes everything you need to get started. Healthy hardy carbs, good fat, belly filling protein, and low sugar fresh fruit. You can mix and match and make your own plan to get to your goals. Just make sure you’re planning with low-glycemic healthier carbs for energy.

Are you constantly on the go and need to find out in a hurry which foods are low-glycemic? Just use your smart phone and google “glycemic index (of food?).” You’ll get your answer on the fly and at your convenience.


UNDERCOVER TIP #3 – The Fighting Guard

Before you even step on the mat it’s imperative you know The Fighting Guard. Check out this video on how to get in the proper stance.



The Jab is the first move you’re going to learn as a Kickboxer. It’s a basic move that if you do repeatedly is a full body workout. I know, crazy.

How to use with your workout:

With your right foot and right hand in front, throw 10 jabs. Then switch your stance so your left foot and hand is in front and throw 10 more jabs. Want to burn more calories? Go faster for more repetitions.

You can add this to your circuit training for an even more fat burning workout.
Now check out this video of a guy using a heavy bag. Pretty cool, right? Don’t worry, if you don’t have a heavy bag, you can just shadowbox.

We know he can be a little intimidating. Don’t worry. We’re not like that here. We wanted you to see his video because he’s very clear and concise so you can see exactly how to throw the jab.



The jab is your speed punch and the cross is your POWER punch thrown from your back hand and shoulder. Also great for toning up those shoulders and arms.

How to use with your workout:

With your right foot and right hand in front, throw 10 jab/cross combos. Then switch your stance so your left foot and hand is in front and throw 10 more jab/cross combos.

Increase speed for more repetitions or add into your circuit workout even more of a full body workout.


Again, this video has a heavy bag. Don’t worry about that and just shadowbox.

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“I love MMAC Greece! I signed up for the 3-class adult kickboxing course and at the end of the first day, I was all for it. At first I was so nervous/ anxious but Andrea welcomed me with open arms as soon as I walked in that door. My first day was tough for me but she motivated me the whole 50 minutes. I am now a member of MMAC and go weekly. The class schedule fits so well with my work schedule and I actually look forward to going. All of the instructors are so much fun, and so are the other students. One thing that I love most is that each class is different. There is nothing like being in a positive environment with great people, great music (lol), while working up a sweat!”

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