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Your child will get a respected adult role model who lets your child know exactly what is expected of them. Children want expectations, and as previously discussed, will strive to hit to those expectations if they feel respected and if they’re taught with respect. Hitting those expectations help them feel more valuable, successful, and in turn helps them have a better self-esteem. Your child is taught to respect the instructor, other students, the school, and most importantly themselves. Even when they’re in combat with one another on the mat, they learn to respect each other. This respect of everything around them starts the development of self-discipline and self-esteem.



Being in a classroom setting helps children with communication and social skills. Our instructors are constantly giving feedback by communicating with your child respectfully on their progress through the program.



Improving on any skill requires discipline. Children should learn discipline and accountability early in life and a martial arts training is a perfect way for them to learn this skill. When your child commits to learn, comes to class consistently, and continues to practice they are learning discipline, and this carries over into all aspects of their life. Discipline allows them to set goals, make a plan, and achieve those goals. Remember, when those goals are accomplished, their self-esteem gets better.



Learning a martial art requires preparation, practice, and is also a sport of individual accomplishment. As your child gets better with a martial art, they move up in rank and other students start to look up to them for their guidance. This will help with their confidence, self-esteem, and build that ability to be a role model for other children. Not only are they improving their skills for their own benefit, they are reinforcing the idea of discipline, responsibility, and being a valuable person. Having that feeling of being a valuable person assures them they are responsible for their own actions, their own happiness, their own behavior, and their own success.

At Murray’s Martial Arts, they learn quickly they are responsible for their own accomplishments, to show up for practice on time, eat right and take care of their own body, respect for other students and instructors, and for picking up after themselves. As your child moves up in rank and earns their next belt color, they learn that lesson of responsibility and, once again, building that confidence and self-esteem. The ranking system shows other students how hard your child has worked, they’ve committed, taken responsibility, and they take initiative to keep moving forward in their art. The other students in the dojo build respect for your child and it reinforces a positive work ethic in other students.



Children want to be recognized and need approval. Murray’s Martial Art instructors are trained to teach every child they are perfectly capable of moving up to the next rank. They also teach them it will be hard; it takes lots of practice, and discipline, but it is possible. Our instructors are taught to encourage these practices, so every child feels they can move up.

The martial arts have a series of specific and structured goals which require our instructors give constant positive reinforcement in a variety of practiced techniques. With these reinforcements they can improve in their confidence, self-esteem, and therefore improving their skill.

Children learning a martial art improve their agility, strength, balance, endurance, coordination, and reflexes which translates to a better performance in other team sports they participate in. It has shown that children with these types of improvements and abilities get picked first in team sports by their peers, see improvements in their grades, are more social with their peers, and are more concentrated on schoolwork, thus improving their grades at school. These accomplishments make them proud of themselves and the work they’ve done.



Confidence and self-esteem are the number one trait Murray’s Martial Arts gives to a student. Being a stronger person overall requires strong values, and that’s what we do. All leading to your child feeling successful in the classroom, on the field, and on the mat. Through a martial art, your child looks forward to new challenges instead of shying away because of fear and allowing them to feel more confident when having to defend themselves because of the confidence in their abilities. Murray’s Martial Arts builds your child’s self esteem step by step by improving their physical and mental abilities, teaching them discipline, responsibility, improving their social skills, and instilling a deep-rooted confidence in their own abilities. This leads them to have more discipline and having a more successful life.

When a child has pride in themselves and the work they know they’re capable of they have a better sense of direction and purpose in life and feelings of improved self-esteem. As parents, we know you want the best for your child. You want them to grow up with confidence, feeling good about themselves, and being happy with their life. They learn to recognize their own strengths, use their talents, learn to be independent, and achieve what they desire.

Murray’s Martial Arts personal development curriculum is a structured, time-proven way to achieve these benefits. The values your child learns from a martial art will be able to be carried with them their entire life. Stop by our school today and ask the instructor how you can arm your child with Confidence and Self-Esteem!

Have fun!

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Here’s What parents like you

are saying about our classes

“My son has long loathed physical activity of all kinds. He doesn’t participate in team sports, so it was important for me that he still remains active, but finding something he would agree to attend was never easy. When he finally agreed to karate, I was thrilled, and now he is completely hooked and looks forward to going each week. The instructors have made all the difference in his interest level. They are so great with the kids, engaging, energetic, and kind. My son loves meeting the different challenges the Senseis create for the classes. I would highly recommend Murray’s Martial Arts!”

Kristi G.

“My 8 year old son has been doing karate for over a year now and continues to love every minute of it! The sensei’s are so patient with all the kids and they are super friendly! Since my son started his confidence in himself has gone threw the roof as well as his focus. He has made such awesome friends along the way. I would highly recommend murray’s martial arts”

Jenn M.

“We love the staff at Murray’s Martial Arts in Irondequoit. From day one, our son has been engaged and at times, entertained by the fun, caring, senseis. As a mom, I feel my son’s characters is growing with each.”

Christina C.



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